5 reasons summer flu is the absolute worst.

March 13, 2015

By the title, you would have guessed that I’ve been stuck at home, with the flu. And while it’s technically autumn – in South Africa we don’t have specifically distinct seasons – so it’s basically summer until around mid-May. Here are 5 reasons behind why summer flu is the ultimate buzzkill.

  •  Everyone is outside having fun and you’re inside 

At least when you’re sick in the winter, the rain and wind keeps everyone inside

  • You want to cuddle up in hoodies and sweatpants and blankets – but it’s still 27 degrees outside

And if you add a fever to the mix it’s like a body-temperature rollercoaster.

  • The pharmacy isn’t prepared for you

“Oh, those? Sorry hunny, we only stock them during flu season”


Well, someone should have informed my immune system.

  • Your productivity hits an all-time low – because you’re constantly on the verge of sleep.

This may just be characteristic of summer in general – my sense of urgency disappears (perhaps evaporates?) and I laze around more. Summer flu + Summer in general = Absolutely useless Ray.

  • Midday tea is slightly irrational when its the hottest day ever

Un-sympathetic friend : “Dude it’s literally 30 degrees out – why on earth are you drinking hot tea?”

Me : “Uhm…my throat.. comfort?”

If tea in the summer is wrong – I don’t want to be right.

I can’t wait to make a full recovery so I can be out and about – living my best life! But for now…


Have the most wonderful weekend

Ray xx

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