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A New Chapter awaits

January 16, 2015


Firstly, a huge congratulations for getting into university and more importantly passing matric.

I know studying for prelims and finals was tough for many and combined with the pressure, it can make things stressful, but that’s done now and a new chapter waits.

Another thing I would like to tell you is that unfortunately, now that you’re in university, no one cares about how many A’s you got in matric or about your amazing average. Whether you scraped or sailed into university it doesn’t matter cause everyone is living in the same struggle now.

The first few weeks of your university experience might just be some of the best memories you’ll make, mainly because it is the only stress free time you’ll have – no tuts to do or tests coming up or even assignments.

My first proper tip for you is make friends! Friends are so important in university cause although you do pretty every assignment alone, university is still very much a team effort, prepare to be used and abused by your friends calling you for notes from that lecture they didn’t attend and it ends up being vital for a test or a tutorial that they need help with. Or you could be that friend, just remember its for the greater good, at the end of the day we all just trying to get a degree.

Making new friends isn’t just what makes orientation great. Partying every night at RAG events during the second week of orientation and all of the events and activities prepared by all different residences is amazing too.

If you’re not in res, try and get involved with campus events as much as possible to make the best of your university experience. During orientation week a few societies showcase what they’re all about during plaza week – but it can be a bit overwhelming to choose but signing up to one or two can really help you to meet new people

But, always remember, studying comes first.

Once that actual work starts, it’s important to keep up with the fast pace. There are a few distractions like Jaboolie season and Varsity Cup but don’t let them get the better of you. Find your way to retain the information as soon as possible and you’ll be good. Just a few more tips which will help you.

–       Check your emails every day or even a few times everyday

–       Make Vula your best friend

–       Prepare for the hunger games when trying to get onto jammies – especially Claremont jammies

–       Academic exclusion is real, I didn’t believe it until people I know got excluded

–       Forget Wikipedia exists because you cant use it

–       When in doubt, reference


I wish you the best of luck and tweet me @donna_leighh or @mohamedsisters with any questions or comments

Donna xx

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