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Beauty review: 5 reasons why I love MAC fix +

September 1, 2014

Over the years, my skin has changed a lot, and as a result, I’ve had to adapt my makeup routine to keep up with these changes, ultimately I need a lot more coverage these days, which means a lot more potential for my makeup to smudge. MAC is an incredible makeup brand, and Fix + is by far my favourite product of theirs, here are 5 reasons why it’s a beauty staple of mine.

1.   Packaging

Even the box is amazing, they’ve updated the design, from the classic black-on-white that most MAC products have, to a white box, embossed with the MAC logo and black text. The actual mist comes in a 100ml bottle with a lockable nozzle that sprays the mist finely and evenly.



2.   Scent

The scent is light, with a hint of mint and cucumber, which adds to the refreshed feeling it leaves you with. Something like:


3.   Ingredients

For this product, MAC abides by anti cruelty standards. That’s another reason I love them: for the majority of their products they don’t make use of animal testing! I have really sensitive skin and break out in a rash over the smallest irritant, but I can comfortably use this 2/3 times a day after touch-up’s with no problem.

4.   Versatility

I feel like its versatility is this product’s best kept secret! The primary use is as a setting mist over freshly applied makeup so that you don’t sweat/wipe it off during the course of the day.

A second use is as a post-primer for makeup. After primer, especially if I plan to wear a full face of makeup with highlighting/contouring, a fine mist of Fix+ after primer allows makeup to blend into a layer that will stay put!

The third use best highlights its versatility. In an ideal world, I would only wear MAC, Stila and Urban Decay eye shadows. Purely because they have the best pigments, and their high quality ingredients ensure that they hold their true colour, even when applied. But, alas, student budgets are a reality and I therefore rely on so-called “drugstore” brands like Yardley and Maybelline. I use MAC fix+ to maximise on the pigment of these eye shadows, and fix them properly by dipping my makeup brush in Fix+ before applying it. I’ve attached a picture of swatches to show you the obvious difference



Eyeshadows used from top to bottom

Yardley Stayfast Velvet in “Carbon Black”

Yardley Suntorini Bronzing Pressed Powder

Lentheric eye shadow  in “Pink Sorbet”

Rimmel colour rush in “Azure”

Revlon Soft on the eyes in “Sub-lime

5.   Effectiveness

There’s nothing worse than investing in a product that doesn’t do what it promises. Fix + provides the perfect amount of hydration for my skin type (combination, but slightly more on the oily side) and keeps my makeup fresh all day. Without it, I find brown smudges of foundation on my clothes and even on my uni notes, so as long as they still sell it, I’ll continue to purchase it, bottle after bottle.

Have you had any good/bad experiences with this product? Drop me a message in the message box, or alternatively tweet me @raythedreamer.

Have an amazing day,

Ray xx


All other photos by me.

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