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Beauty review: Bariederm Levres by Uriage

September 29, 2014


Lip problems. I’ve had them as long as I can remember. My lips get extremely dry and chapped, and I’ve therefore spent a good portion of my years trying every lip-moisturiser on the market. None of them offered any relief: until this one.

Uriage is a French skincare giant, with skincare brands like Vichy and Clarins also hailing from France, I knew this product was promising.

Bariederm, as explained to me by my skin technician, is an oil based product, while most other lip products are petroleum based. This formulation allows for long lasting moisture.

The product comes in a 15ml tube which is convenient and easily fits into any makeup purse. I apply it throughout the day (especially after meals or drinks, as it rubs off a bit) and before lipstick or lip primer.

I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with problematic lips, or even those on skin medication (roacutane etc) it provides rich moisture without being too heavy. It retails for $13.20 (about R140) on, or may be available at your local dermatologist if they sell products. It’s obviously a bit pricier than your normal lip-moisturiser, but it lasts really long, I’ve had my tube since July and there is still more than half left.

Have you used this product? Do you have any similar products to recommend to me? Tweet me (@raythedreamer) and lets chat!

Ray xx

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