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Candidly Cape Town: Museum Night

February 27, 2015

What happens when the City of Cape Town collaborates with Iziko Museums and the team behind “The Thursdays?” Magic, dear friends, absolute magic

With over 10000 people attending – according to the official “Museum Night” Facebook page, I knew I had to be there – and I was not disappointed.

Starting off with the Iziko South African Museum, my friends and I immersed ourselves in childhood memories of school outings – and reveled at their amazing collections. As a museum of archaeology, zoology, palaeontology
and natural history – the exhibits are always diverse and fascinating. The National Geographic “Wildlife Photographer of the year” exhibition is now on – and definitely drew the crowds, with great reason.

After a quick walk through the company’s gardens – we reached the Slave Lodge. As a first time visitor – I had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly – the focus was not only on the history of slavery in South Africa, but also on artifacts from all over the country and indeed the world.

Time got away from us a bit, but we made our way back up through the gardens to the South African National gallery. As a self proclaimed art nerd – I had been there just the week before, and had seen all of the
exhibitions with exception of William Kentridge’s installation titled: The Refusal of Time. As per usual the collection was masterfully curated and subtly informative – with wall decals of the ‘back-story’ to somewhat contextualize the art – while still leaving the interpretation open to the viewer. It was amazing to see a queue to enter the gallery ( the first time I had seen this in South Africa) and just goes to show that initiatives like Museum Night are so important in facilitating a general appreciation of the arts.

We were not able to visit the South African Jewish Museum, the Iziko Planetarium or the Iziko Old Town House – but they are now officially on my Candidly Cape Town Bucket list.

All in all, the Inaugural Museum Night was incredible – the perfect mix of culture, history and social interaction.

After Museum Night we headed up to Kloof Street for drinks and a bite to eat– I’d just like to encourage everyone to head over to NY Slice!  A true New York slice pizzeria in the heart of Cape Town – what a treat! They have a really fun concept called ‘spin the wheel’. You pay R5 and accept the fate of the wheel. If it lands on the red
areas – you purchase whatever is listed on that wedge of the wheel – but if it lands on green – you get whatever is listed for free! Luck was on my friend Kelly’s side and we scored 3 slices of our choice, two shots and another spin.
On the second spin – green again – we got a beer of our choice on the condition that we posted on social media about our experience there – such a fun time!

Apologies for the questionable quality of the pictures – I decided this morning that I had to share this amazing night and so used the photo’s I had taken for my personal use.

For more infomation, check out the following:

Iziko Museums website (here) 

NY Slice website (here)

Have a lovely weekend!

Ray xx

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