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    February 23, 2017

    I recently teamed up with Beauty Bulletin and Dove Hair to find our perfect hair-care solution for my targeted hair problems.

    My paring was the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range. It is aimed at dry hair and replaces oil without making hair greasy. It nourishes, strengthens and adds shine to hair while keeping hair soft, smooth and untangled. There is a second product in the Advanced Hair Series namely the Oxygen Moisture range – which was reviewed by Donna over on

    Firstly, the smell of the Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo is amazing! It’s infused with macadamia oil. The shampoo lathers well and cleans effectively with just one wash. I really enjoyed the fact that my hair felt clean and strong but not dried out after washing. My hair was easy to style and remained clean for the next few days.

    The smell of the conditioner is just as amazing as the shampoo – macadamia nut oil is my new favourite scent! I always leave my conditioner on for a few minutes to develop and soften my hair fully. It rinses super well and leaves my hair feeling soft but not soapy. My hair was easy to style and remained moisturised for the next few days – without becoming greasy.

    My #1 hair care tip to avoid dehydration is to allow hair to air dry before using flat irons or curling tongs. This minimizes the effect of breakage by having only one exposure to heat rather than two which occurs with the use of a hairdryer. Unfortunately we all have busy days where we have to wash and go. On those days, I use my hairdryer on the lowest heat setting. Dehydrating one’s hair is so avoidable! And if you have hair that, like mine, tends toward the drier side, reducing heat and using products to replace healthy oils such as this range is the way forward!

    The Dove Advanced Hair range currently retails for 79.99 per product at Dischem, Clicks and Pick’nPay.


    Here’s to many healthy Hair care moments!

    Ray xx


    Portraits by Donna Mohamed and are property of Separated Sisters blog.

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