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Decorex 2015 – Part one, The Experience.

April 27, 2015

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love and appreciation for interior design – I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for medicine, I surely would have pursued a career in the design industry. Therefore, Decorex Cape Town was an event that I felt obliged to clear my weekend schedule for – to revel in the latest trends and gain inspiration for beautiful living spaces in the year to come.

A few of the exhibits – more in Decorex Part 2!

The expo is described as “a showcase of decor and lifestyle trends” and Decorex 2015 was themed “the Home
of good ideas” – that it truly was.With over 300 unique and skilfully curated stands – there was so much to see!

Initiatives such as Design IndabaOpen design and indeed Decorex allow for design lovers and admirers to be re-enthused by the vast number of talented designers in our midst. As South Africans, it’s often easy for us to follow international trends or let department stores determine our taste – easy but certainly not necessary.

A massive thank-you to Marisa Rissel and the Decorex team for granting me media access – and to the lovely exhibitors for allowing me to photograph your amazing work and chat with you, it was truly an honour.

 It was so lovely to meet so many wonderful exhibitors! 

The last few days have re-ignited my excitement for the future of South African design, and served as a true showcase and reminder of what’s out there, it’s challenged my perception of home aesthetics and illustrates the evolution of functional design in 2015. The pictures in this post are just a sneak peek of what Decorex had to offer, my next post will entail of my personal top 25 exhibits from Decorex 2015.

As William Morris said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

Ending off the day with a glass of red with friends in the Graham Beck wine bar.  

Best wishes for the new week

Ray xx


All photographs by Ray Mohamed – property of separatedsisters blog

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