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Design Indaba 2015

March 3, 2015

Every year, designers come together to showcase their work to the publicly at the Design Indaba. The festival and expo is defined as a “multifaceted platform committed to abetter world through creativity.” There is a selection of various types ofdesign ranging from product and fashion design to environmental and socialdesign. Through all these various types of design, one is exposed to new ideasand perspectives.

There is a great emphasis on African designers and African culture whichalso makes Design Indaba unique. Its gives designers an opportunity not only to show their work, but also to attract buyers from across the globe.


 Walking through this year’s Design Indaba expo, one could really see the diversity of not only South Africa, but Africa in general and how various African influences are still very prevalent in modern design. The interactive pieces were among my favorite exhibits as they got each person to create something and together, create something even more amazing.


As a fashion lover and admirer,  it was a privilege to see workers of renowned fashion designers such as David Tlale and Chu Swannapha. Both Chu and Tlale had a strong element of African culture in their designs
shown through the use of patterns and textures. Chu – also know as the king of prints- had more colourful, bold prints. The prints in Tlale’s collection were more uniform in colour and made use of visual texture with the use of embossed fabrics in some of the statement pieces.


Images above from Chu Swannapha’s collection. 

Fonts for the future is an amazing initiative that doesn’t only promote design but social upliftment too. Learners at Forte High School in Soweto were asked to write out the alphabet. Each learner’s handwriting was scanned, traced
and programmed into a font, which was then categorised according to the students’ dreams. Fonts were then collaborated into a beautifully crafted font book which is available for purchase online. []


After taking in all that creativity it really makes one wonder, if this is design now, where is it going to be in a few years from now?

I would like to congratulate the Design Indaba team for a job well done,yet again. Design Indaba never disappoints, and I’ll be sure to be back next year

Donna x

All photos by Donna and Ray Mohamed 

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