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Eclectica Design & Art  – Aesthetically vogue

January 11, 2016

“Aesthetically Vogue” seeks to highlight the constant relevance of aesthetics in art and design, regardless of context, trends and time.

As usual, Eclectica has put together a beautifully curated exhibition which is a seamless combination of Art and Design. Working with eight wonderful South African artists, they created eight unique areas in which to exhibit each artist’s work along with furniture by international designers.

I was able to admire and be inspired by so many of these pieces and it led me to ask myself

What is “good art?”

For some, it’s the story, the time period in which it was created and the history behind the piece – which provides context. Many people, however, appreciate art based solely on how it looks, and in conversation I’ve realised that many feel this is a point of contention.

It’s safe to day, I’m the proverbial fence.  While I agree that context is important, I feel we should all from time to time, step back and enjoy a piece simply for its beauty. Here are my favourite pieces from this exhibition:


 Aesthetically Vogue at Eclectica Design & Art runs until mid-January, for all inquires visit their website for contact details. Or pop down to 179 Street, Buitengracht Cape Town.

Congrats on another fabulous exhibition!

Ray xx
All photos by Ray Mohamed and are property of separatedsisters blog

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