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November 10, 2015

Now, I’m not necessarily the best student in the grades department but I’ve managed to survive a few years of Medicine and in the process learned a thing or two about studying effectively. Never-mind the fact that I tend to rant and complain about exams – a lot. Here are 3 little tips/tricks that seem to make surviving exams that little bit easier.

The first, is planning. If you plan your time well you should be able to get through most of your work before you write. My favourite solution to this is creating timetables and filling them in with my respective subjects and sub-topics. I recently came across an amazing site that has great tips and the cutest printable templates to help organise your time.

Check out


The second: balance. We’ve all heard this a million times and when you’re knee deep in revision its easy to roll your eyes, grab another red bull, and continue grafting – but stepping out even for just an hour a day to do some exercise and taking regular breaks will make a world of difference.


My final tip: create a sanctuary. I commonly refer to my desk as “study jail” but it is honestly more of a study sanctuary. I have my writing materials in mason jars and all my calendars, schedules and files close by – not to mention my laptop for those calming 8 tracks playlists and to consolidate my knowledge via videos on youtube (gotta love The Kahn academy and Crash Course)



In other news – sincere apologies for being so quiet! Donna and I have been preparing for exams and sorting out living arrangements for next year – but as soon as we are on vacation you can expect a much more regular posting schedule. We have really fun content planned and some collabs with brands that we’ll just know you’ll love as much as we do.

Happy studies and all the best for exams,

Ray xx

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    I love this! First time on your website and I love how calming it is

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