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September 21, 2014



Getting dressed up is always a treat, and it’s an amazing feeling like the Disney princess you dreamed of being as a child. There are a few things you can do to avoid the last minute rushing around, and unnecessary stress.

  • Pre Planning

Weeks before the dance/formal function, start thinking about how you want to style your hair, accessories and especially the dress or outfit you’re going to wear.

When you have a big group of friends, you should also remember that the seating arrangements could become a problem, i.e. If you have a group of 8 friends and the venue allows only for tables of 5 couples. A way to get around that is by having a big group pre-party, where you can take photos and socialise as a group before the actual event. And remember you probably won’t be sitting down for much of the dance, especially if the music is great.

  • Get Sorted

After you’ve planned everything, it’s time to get sorted. Sit by a phone and get on the line to your dressmaker if you need an outfit made, go shopping and book hair and makeup appointments. Time is generally the biggest issue here, I would suggest sorting out the outfit first as to avoid time constraints – especially if you are going to get the outfit made.  When booking hair and makeup appointments, ask them for an estimated time, so you can work around that. You don’t want to be late and have your appointment cancelled – or get done so early that your make and hair don’t last much of the actual event.

  • On the day

It’s important that you start the day refreshed and ready to tackle a very busy few-hours. If everything is planned well, it doesn’t have to be a stressful day, but just be prepared for the possibility of something going wrong.

I also suggest having a ‘fairy godmother’ someone like your mom or your best friend that you can rely on to help you on the day.


  • Things to remember
  • You don’t always have to buy everything, beg, borrow, steal (Okay maybe don’t steal)
  • If you don’t have a boyfriend and you’re looking for a date, don’t always look for the hottest guy to look good  in the pictures.Think of really good friends, someone you know you will have a good time with.
  • It’s okay to have back up shoes, often you want to wear those beautiful high heels you’ve been eyeing for months at Steve Madden but when it comes to the actual dance they turn out being extremely impractical.
  • The whole night is about you having fun, that should be your biggest aim of the evening.

Here are photos from my Matric Dance, I can’t wait until our residence formal  this weekend, when I’ll get to be a princess and dress up again

Donna xx image


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