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Knysna, a Photo Journal

March 13, 2018

Little known fact, even though the incredible folks at Cape Town etc named Donna and I Cape Town’s coolest (still not over that) we are also (partly) Knysna locals. From the mid 2000s onwards we attended boarding school there, and had the time of our lives.

When the hotel bills for visits started racking up, our parents decided to purchase a holiday home in Knysna, and since finishing school – our holiday home has become less of a visiting place between academic terms and for important school events – and more of a getaway.

This week, I had a few days off uni so I packed up my car, picked up two of my closest mates and hit the road to paradise.

Having some precious time away from the medical books, we mainly got up to a whole lot of nothing (for once) and it was so amazing to see how the little town had recovered from the devastating fires in July of 2017.

In an attempt to run away from turning this trip into a shooting opportunity for the blog, I went camera-less. However, the raw natural beauty of Knysna is almost painfully difficult not to document.


So, here we are. With some pictures of how and where we got up to pretty much nothing at all – shot on my iPhone 8 with my limelens fisheye attachment.

All photos were edited via VSCOcam and then re-edited via Lightroom.

Knysna, you have my heart. Thank you for being the paradise and breakaway we tend to forget that we truly need.

Until next time,

Ray xx

All photos by Ray Mohamed for separated sisters blog 

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