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September 16, 2015

So, we haven’t done posts like this in awhile, mainly because we’re trying to create a shift in our content in comparison to our tumblr blog – but this week I felt it was apt.

It’s September (whaaaaat?) and with just 3 months left of the year its almost time to power through the rest of the uni semester for a well deserved break.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain inspired, so here are a few thoughts that help me stay motivated and excited about what’s to come:


This one gets me deep. I’m the first one to criticize myself and get upset when I cant do it all. We’re all human, lets remember take things one step at a time and focus on being the best humans we can be.

large (4)

Do the work, but be keen to do the work. Embrace the work, love it even – enthusiasm is everything.

large (3)

Let that difference remain a source of constant inspiration in reaching your goals

And last, but not least, I cant wait for those

large (1)

..and cocktails

Here’s to hard work and tiny victories

Ray xx

All pictures can be found on my weheartit account here

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