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Midweek inspiration : Beyond the Braaivleis 

September 24, 2014


Happy Heritage Day everyone!
In 2005, Heritage Day was re-branded as “National Braai Day” and that’s what majority of South Africans have referred to it ever since. Facebook today has made me so sad, status upon status about “useless” public holidays in South Africa and the word “braai” like 500 times. But hardly anything about diversity or cultural identity.
Let’s not forget that beyond the braai, the 24th of September is a day to truly embrace heritage and culture, and be mindful of what it means to be a part of this rainbow nation and to be proudly South African.
As mixed-race, mixed-ethnicity South Africans, my sister and I have a whole lot of heritage in our own family tree. I for one have so much to draw inspiration from, in terms of the myriad of cultures I’ve been exposed to through family and friends alike.

Picture Edit: Flowers of the week in our home – Proteas and Pincushions Fynbos is fabulous!
Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the public holiday
Ray xx

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