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Midweek Inspiration: Get back on track

September 9, 2014


Over the winter, I embraced my inner grizzly-bear and did a little pseudo-hibernation on the fitness front. It’s not to say I wasn’t active at all, I just had a little trouble with balancing varsity work, hospital time, social responsibilities, and of course, the absolute wonder that is napping while it’s raining outside. Those cozy winter naps, and a few vintage-movie marathons found their way in, and magically replaced some of my workouts.

Now that spring is here, summer is sure to follow, and I can no longer live in a duvet-walled cave of denial, it’s time to get off my bum and re-evaluate.

Here are the 5 things to keep in mind when easing back into eating clean and regular exercise.

  1. Start today – Your body doesn’t know what day it is.
  2. Drink water like it’s your job – Hydration is so, SO important. If you don’t already know why, read this.
  3. Plan your meals like it’s your second/slightly worse paying weekend job – I’m not saying you should stockpile the rice and broccoli, just have a basic idea of what you’re eating every day, and don’t forget to include healthy snacks!
  4. Stay dedicated – Anyone can work out for an hour, it’s being mindful of what goes on your plate, how your stress-levels are, and how much you sleep during the other 23 hours is where the difficulty lies. Unfortunately, you can’t out-train a bad diet, overcoming stress as well as sleeping restfully at night, are vital in a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself – You’re probably thinking, wait, what about all that dedication stuff? Well, I for one can admit that I’m a bit hard on myself when I don’t see results. I get annoyed, I work out more and more, and I cut calories until changes are visible. This time, however, it’s been a bit different; I’m putting trust in the process and being kind to my body. What I’ve noticed is that the times I saw results fast, they disappeared just as rapidly, and the gradual results are what have provided me with the body that is healthy and strong enough to get back on track in almost no time at all.

Have a happy, healthy day

Ray xx

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