Music Mondays: Cassie Ventura

September 22, 2014


If you are willing to deny the fact that you jammed to “Long way 2 go” and “Me&U” back in your day (at your grade 6 dance, perhaps?) then take your denial somewhere else, thanks.

I LOVED Cassie, me and my middle-school hostel crew at boarding school jammed that shiz HARD in free time. She was cool, her songs were catchy, and the girl could dance.

Cassie Ventura circa 2014 is another person. She’s embraced the bad girl image; she’s dating the self proclaimed king of hip-hop, P-Diddy, the girl is on fire. She blows up instagram with every new post, and everyone still secretly wants to be her.

I came across her 2014 Album RockaByeBaby while procrastinating studying for my Respiratory System end of block test earlier this year, and headed straight over to iTunes to download it. RockaByeBaby features hip-hop giants like French Montana, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa, and after listening to it, her new image finally makes sense.

Now I’m not usually a hip-hop girl (I literally had to google how to spell “Khalifa”) and, unless I’m in the gym or at a club, I prefer more instrumental-based music, but this album is different. The songs merge into one another, allowing for an integrated listening experience, the melodies are popping, and have some old-school RnB undertones which allows for easy listening.

I listen to this album to remind myself that there are still some women in hip-hop that are absolutely killing it, the best way to describe it is “on-a-mission” music, but in all honesty, I’m not sure that it will be everyone’s cup of tea.

Have a listen if you’ve been confused by Cassie’s new image, this will clear it up for you in no time.

Click here, for a link to the “Numb” Music Video, featuring Rick Ross

Warning: This album does contain explicit lyrics


Cassie Ventura’s Instagram (click here)

Happy Monday!

Ray xx

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