Music Mondays: Justin Nozuka

September 1, 2014

Mondays can often be a drag, the start of the week is tiring and one can’t help but long for the weekend (so close yet so far, am I right?). There are few things that lift my mood like good music does, so we decided that Mondays will be dedicated to music! Here, on Separated Sisters.

Every Monday we will feature an artist, band or even new genre of music that we’ve recently discovered, or share with you some of our established favorites. So without further ado, here’s Music Monday #1, and this week we’re featuring the dashing Justin Nozuka.


Justin Nozuka is a Canadian/American singer/songwriter who found fame after his debut album, Holly (named after his mommy, so sweet) was nominated for a Juno award in 2008. He has since released a further two albums; You I Wind Land and Sea (2010)and Ulysees (2014). 

Why we’re digging him: His songs are raw, and painstakingly honest, he sings with no pretense, its like he isn’t really trying to be broody and thoughtful: that’s just his actual personality. His music is “anytime” music, whether you’re driving, studying, or chilling with friends, if you feel like some indie-soul with thoughtful lyrics: Jason’s your guy.

Click Here for a link to the music video for the song “After Tonight”

He is so very talented. And unorthodoxly beautiful.

Happy Monday,

Ray xx

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