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Nivea Perfect & Radiant

September 25, 2017

Clear skin is something we’re clearly very passionate about. Over the last few months we’ve been going through skincare products like nobody’s business trying in an attempt to perfect our skincare regime.

Though we both have our holy grail skincare brands, we’re never averse to deviating for a week or two (or possibly even longer) to try something new. When given the opportunity to try an affordable product from a skincare giant such as Nivea – we couldn’t resist.  Everyone knows we’re suckers for good packaging, and a good scent. Nivea really hit the money with simple packaging and a light, floral scent.

Like most other Nivea products it is soft on the skin. For reference, we both have combination skin: normal to dry with a normal to oily T zone. The product is not incredibly hydrating for incredibly dry skin. As far as we’ve experienced, the radiance comes from actually having clearer skin, the moisturizer doesn’t have a glowing agent to it as it is a mattifying product, which is perfect for both normal and combination skin.

As with most skincare products, we feel like this moisturizer would be best used with other Nivea products in the perfect and radiant range. While we did notice a lightening of the dark marks and uneven pigmentation, the product texture directly after application was slightly sticky to the touch and so on “no makeup” days one could feel the product on the skin. We had absolutely no problems when wearing makeup and the moisturizer didn’t at all effect our primer or foundation. Another great feature is that it has a built-in SPF which is ideal for the sometimes harsh South African sun.

If you’re looking for a skincare solution to reduce marks, improve texture and promote radiant skin  without breaking the bank – this product is for you.

Donna and Ray xx

Although this post is in collaboration with Rubybox and Nivea SA, all views are our own.

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