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Road to Daisies: Part Two, what to pack?

September 19, 2014


Last week, Donna did a post about some of the musicians we’re excited to see at Rocking the Daisies 2014, as the first edition on our three part “Road to Daisies” series. This week, it’s my turn, and again I’m going to use my neat-freak/hyper-organized nature for a little life hack, that might be helpful. Packing for festivals is tough, over packing is impractical, and basically just heavy. Under packing is awful because then you’re that person constantly borrowing things or constantly complaining that you forgot [- insert important item that you tragically forgot-] at home.

No one likes a buzz kill…

So, here’s what I’m bringing along, some of these things aren’t necessary for everyone to have, but rather one or two in the group, just in case.

The Basics


Phone – with wall and car charger

Double adapter

ID& Copy Just in case


Cash Money

Bank Card

Map/Directions to the Venue/GPS

Personal/The extended basics



Beach Towel

Shower Towel

Hand sanitizer


Prescription Meds/Chronic Medication

First aid kit with Panado, antacid, savlon etc – basic medication


Face wash

Body wash

Shampoo and Conditioner



Baby wipes

Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Sun block

Hair Brush

Insect repellent



Air mattress/Stretcher


Warm sleeping bag

Girly things


Sanitary supplies

Dry Shampoo

Makeup remover wipes

Hair Clips/Hair ties

Miniature Perfume

The next two categories are more personalized – if there are two things one can’t provide guidelines to without stepping on any toes – Its food, and fashion. I’ll just provide some useful tips under each of these categories

Food and Drink

Personally, I never cook at music festivals. Carting braai supplies and half the contents of your kitchen 150 kilometers away and then still having to prepare it all is not my idea of a constructive use of precious fest time. Rocking the Daisies has food stalls by some of the best restaurants and food companies in the country. With last year there were choices like Fry’s Vegetarian and Knead Bakery and Restaurant, I always buy my main meals from a vendor, that way they’re fresh, and provide no hassle at all. What I have always taken along with myself, though, is snacks, and booze. Easy, sealed snacks like dried fruit and wasabi peanuts are great, and I always take some Ziploc bags to keep them fresh for snacking later. I bring almost all my own alcohol for the weekend, decanted into plastic bottles as-per festival regulation (No Glass allowed) and then a metal flask for some drinks on-the-go.


Style is a very personal thing, and where better to showcase your best threads and latest combinations than among all the party-people at Rocking the Daises. Next week we’ll be doing a post on popular fashionable-festival items, purely for some inspiration. My only actual advice is – pack clothes for cold weather. Last year at Daisies, we froze. It was so cold and hardly anyone was prepared. So bring extra warm things- even if you leave them in the car, just in case.

And don’t be shy to rock those onesie pyjamas when it’s chilly at night.

This is obviously just a guideline! Tweet me (@raythdreamer) if I left anything important out, or if there’s anything you’re taking that is an absolute festival-hack, I’d love to know!

Ray xx

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