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Rocking the Daisies 2014

October 7, 2014


This past weekend we had the most incredible time at Rocking the Daisies. We arrived early Friday afternoon, and as soon as we were through the gate – we got the party started.

Our Friday Highlights were definitely jamming to Slabofmisuse, DJ Fosta and Fever Trails in the Electronic Dome, and exploring the festival area before heading to the main stage to enjoy a performance by Jeremy Loops and thereafter catching up with friends.

Saturday was an absolute scorcher weather-wise, but we found shade at the hemp stage and later in the Vigo bar/activation area where we enjoyed some snacks and ice cold drinks. When the heat died down – it became apparent we needed a plan of action. Rudimental undoubtedly falls into our top 5 of all time when it comes to musicians and live acts. Since they were announced as headliners for rocking the daisies, we’d been scouring the internet for their live performances in anticipation of attending one ourselves, with that level of Fan-Girling: we decided we had to be front and center.

Now being at the front at a huge concert or festival is not an easy feat, and there are two ways one can go about it. #1: Be that person and rudely push to the front, leaving a trail of angry people in your wake, or #2: get there early, wait patiently and reserve your spot for good. We opted for the latter. And so after 4 marvelous local sets (John Wizards, Beatenberg, Ard Matthews and ShortStraw) it was time for the internationals.

Crystal Fighters were up first, and they delivered an incredibly energetic and entertaining performance, things got emotional about halfway through when they dedicated a moment of reflection to their drummer Andrea Marongiu who recently passed away.


MGMT were up next, their set list provided variation between their old and new material with favorites like electric feel slotted between newer songs from Congratulations (2010) and their self titled album MGMT (2013).

And then, at 11:45, it was time, the reason we stood in the same spot for 8 hours – Rudimental! Since this show was a part of their “Home” tour, they had a similar song sequence as performances we had seen online, they started off with “Right Now” which effortlessly merged into our absolute favourite song of theirs Baby. They played the new tracks, the classics and everything in between. They gave a seamless performance,  absolutely engaging with the crowd while having fun as a group on stage. We could go on and on to describe every second of their performance and it would still never do it justice. We got some snacks, and then headed out to the electronic dome where Rudimental wowed us get again with their DJ set.

On Sunday we were mostly sleepy, and hungry, due to the blazing heat we packed up our tent early. After packing the car we headed back into the festival area for some brunch and a little jam session, before going home to the city for some well deserved rest.

Thank you Rocking the Daisies for an unbelievable weekend, we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Ray and Donna xx

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