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Spring Inspiration: Interior Design

October 10, 2014

Little known fact about me: I have a mild obsession with interior design. If it wasn’t for my dream of becoming a doctor, I would surely be in design school pursuing it as a full-time career. But, alas, we all have to pick a struggle, so interior design has been relegated to a hobby of mine.

I spend an alarming amount of time reading publications like Vogue Living and Elle Decor, as well as visiting their websites. Social-media wise, I use Pinterest (see board here) Weheartit (see “collection” here) and the lesser-know Houzz, a community dedicated specifically to interior design (see account here) to gain ideas and inspiration for my current and future home.

Just like any form of design, interior design is influenced by trends, people, seasons and places. Here are 5 trends that have inspired me this spring

Personalised workspaces


Effective Make-up Storage


Interesting Photo-Compositions


Solid-wood Bed Frames


Indoor vertical gardens


Sources: aforementioned social media accounts, and my personal tumblr dedicated to interior design (

Do you know of some great trends that I’ve missed out on this spring? Fill me in by dropping me a message on twitter (@raythedreamer)

Oh, and also…
Ray xx

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