The best is yet to come

November 10, 2014

We’ve reached that time of the year where matrics are writing finals, it’s the end of the varsity academic year, end of year functions are happening at the work place and Christmas decorations are abundant in every shopping mall and grocery store.

I think that this time is my favourite time of the year, mainly because I love Christmas and also because of the vibe during this time. Everyone seems to be in a good mood.

My past two December holidays were spent in the Knysna/Plett area for the beginning of the holiday and I have such amazing memories. Coffee and cup cakes at dinky cakes and nights out at Zanzibar Knysna , spending the day on plett central beach and then drinks at Moby Dick’s.

Packing up my room at res seems so strange as it feels as if I just got here. This year has gone past so quickly its actually scary.

This year has been a real challenge,as it was my first year at university and being in a completely new environment, however I think I have really learned a lot through this experience and made come amazing memories and friends for life.

So its not time to close the chapter of this year yet, there is still plenty to come and plenty more for separated sisters.

Ray and I have both have loads of interesting content, including a count down to Christmas feature which I am so excited about.

And I know it’s still early days but thank you to all those who consistently read our blog, it is truly appreciated.



Donna xx

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