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November 30, 2014

What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

I think I have watched every possible Christmas movie ever made, but my favorite would probably have to be a tie between The Family Stone and the The Grinch.

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

On Christmas morning after church.

 Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I think it would have to be the year that we went to the ‘snow’ park. In Canal Walk – a shopping mall they created a ‘snow slope’ and we went down the slide in circular tubes. Looking at the slope now, it is a lot smaller than I remember, but I had fun none the less.

Favourite festive food?

Mince Pies, Definitely! I crave them all year round.

Favourite Christmas gift?

Madison, My sewing machine. She gives me hassles every now and then, but she’s without a doubt one of the best presents I’ve been blessed with – Thanks mom haha.

What tops your tree?

A sparkling, silver angel.

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

I love the magical feeling of Christmas time, the busy shops and the church service on Christmas day, seeing family who I haven’t seen probably since last year Christmas time and all the amazing food of course.

Giving or receiving?

Both? I do love getting presents but there’s also that lovely feeling when someone opens up a present that you got them and it’s perfect. I also love wrapping presents so I think giving rather than receiving.

Christmas day fashion

I’ve never been into the Christmas colours outfit. But I do own a pair of Christmas themed earrings. In South Africa we generally have very hot Christmas days, so I think a smart summer dresses are always a win and because I also go to church on Christmas morning and there is enough space for the Christmas Lunch too.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Arianna Grande and Mac Miller – Baby it’s Cold Outside.


Let me know on twitter what your favorite Christmas movies and songs are so I can watch and listen to them, my handle is @donna_leighh

Donna xx


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