The South African Tag

January 9, 2015


1. How many cups of coffee do you have per day? What type of coffee and why?

At the moment – none! I’m really sensitive to large amounts of caffeine so I’m sticking to green tea these days.

2. Favourite part of the 7-colour Sunday dish?

As someone who consumes a predominantly plant based diet it’s hard to narrow it down to one – I’ve always loved carrots though.


 3.What sport would you spend most of Saturday watching while enjoying a classic South African braai?


4. Favourite South African word/phrase, most annoying?

Favourite –‘Now now’, it’s so conveniently vague…

Most annoying – ‘Awe’ Its 2015 and I swear I’ve still heard people using this term, make it stop!


5. Favourite South African treat?

Milk Tart for sure!

6. Which South African DJ rocks your socks?

Vanilla Essence blew my mind at The assembly a few months ago! I can’t wait to see him play again sometime soon. Dance party!


7. Favourite SA personality? Why?

I’d have to go for our ex Miss South Africa and current Miss World, Rolene Strauss. For starters, she’s a Medical Student just like me! But besides that, she is graceful, beautiful and has a heart of gold.

8. Favourite province? It’s main attraction?

The Western Cape of course! Cape Town, specifically. Narrowing it down to just one is seemingly impossible. I absolutely love the National Art Gallery in The Company’s Gardens


9. How many South African languages can you speak?

Only two (English and Afrikaans) for now…

10. Favourite South African Song?

At the moment, Donna and I are both loving Titan Bow by Beatenberg.

11. TV show watched by most South Africans that’s also a must-watch in your family?

7de laan! But if you ask me in person I’ll probably deny it.


Me? Never…

Thanks so much to Hazel over at Closet Freedom for the tag!

Ray xx

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