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What’s in my bag | Travel Edition

June 29, 2017

Traveling is always such a thrill, but when you’re in the air for awhile, it’s always good to bring some supplies to avoid being ill prepared for what the journey may bring. I recently got home from to South Africa after a few days of vacation. Whenever I travel, my travel companions always seem to comment on my level of preparedness.

So, in the spirit of sharing is caring (and also because I’ve been so slow to post on here lately) here are a few of the things I simply have to have on hand when I fly.

A good bag is beyond essential! I use my Targus backpack which was kindly gifted to me by a family member,  I’ve had mine for about 6 years and no complaints! If you’re interested they’re available from my favourite online store, here. A Neat trick I do to carry a simple canvas tote bag  inside my backpack for items I’ll use more frequently in the flight (gum, headphones, etc) and place my backpack in the overhead compartment, leaving less essential and potentially bulky items such as a change of clothes in there.

The most important things to have in your carry on are of course your travel documents! I like to keep my important documents such as flight details, health insurance, and travel insurance and last but not least, my passport, in a plastic folder that buttons shut. My passport is housed in the most adorable passport cover and luggage tag by the Swedish brand Ordning and Reda – shop it here.

Some people like to pack a full makeup bag to freshen up after a long flight; I prefer a good pair of large Sunglasses and a few essentials makeup items. Unknown Eyewear is one of my favourite brands! They have the freshest eyewear at amazing prices!

Dehydration is likely responsible for so many problems we have when flying! Dry eyes, dry skin, dry nose (you get the point). While moisturising is important, remaining hydrated is the key to avoiding this! I keep a Reusable water bottle on hand; mine is  from Steely is my favourite as it keeps water nice and cold. Most international airports have water points with filtered water for free. Because let’s be honest no one wants to pay for water and plastic is the worst!

When rehydrating from the inside doesn’t work quickly enough, moisturiser comes in to save the day. I never travel without a good face moisturizer and it’s no secret that the Debut moisturizer by Environ is my holy grail. When it comes to the hands, my mum got me hooked on Crabtree and Evelyn hand lotions and though they are cute and travel sized, a little goes a long way.

Airlines are cute with their mini toothbrushes and adorable toothpastes but they rarely get the job done. I like to bring my own supplies in terms of Toothbrush, Toothpaste and/or Mouthwash to freshen up my mouth on the go.

Speaking of staying fresh, Deodorant is a must-have! I’ve been obsessed with the Impulse range which is marketed as “perfumed body spray”. They have a great range of scents and at 75ml per can are under the fluid allowance limit, which is a bonus! I leave my 100ml perfume in my main luggage and carry one of these to freshen up en route.

Airplane cabins get cold as anything! Thick comfy socks are essential for my warmth and also my sanity (I get beyond grumpy when I’m cold)  – I was kindly gifted an incredible set from Happy Socks by a friend last year and I just feel like everyone needs to get involved. They’re lightweight yet incredibly warm and they have the funkiest designs!

I’m clearly not brave enough to take my lovely, noise cancelling headphones on plane trips, partly because they’re bulky, partly because I’m terrified of losing them. Headphones are essential – so I bring my regular iPhone earbuds along each time I travel for good quality sound at a reasonable price (aka I won’t cry for 6 days straight if I lose them).

My in-flight style is minimal. I wear sneakers leggings, a tank and a long sleeved top with a jumper or hoodie close by – just in case I get cold. Having a stylish Scarf close by is a great way to ramp up your airport style and it serves a second purpose of providing warmth and protection against the elements in case the weather on the other side isn’t what you expected

International flights have in-flight entertainment which is great, but shorter domestic flights worldwide don’t always offer the same luxury. As an alternative to reading the in-flight magazine, I always bring a good book along to pass the time.

Lost luggage is the worst, but you know what’s even worse than that? Being without A change of clothes, and heading to a store out of sheer desperation to have something fresh to wear, an outfit that you might not even need. Pack a compact outfit (I like to bring a pair of leggings, a pair of undies, a sports bra and a t-shirt) – juuuust in case.


Other items you might want to pack:

Chewing Gum: Fresh breath 2.0.

Hand sanitizer: Airports and planes are germ central.

Powerbank: This is great if you don’t have access to a spot to plug to charge your electronics.

Medication: I like to bring along some headache pills and motion sickness tablets.

Healthy snacks: If you have short layover, avoid spending extra money at the airport by bringing your own healthy snacks, I like to have a little stash of cereal bars and some almonds.

Face wipes. This is another great way to feel refreshed after a long flight.

Those are all my tips! I hope this post was useful, let me know in the comments or on Instagram, Facebook or twitter if you have any tips for me!


Happy travels!


Ray xx

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