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November 16, 2014

In high school, I would spend a lot of time procrastinating at a computer on Us weekly’s website rating celebrities on who wore it best.

There would be two people next to each other wearing the same garment – sometimes in different colours and it was as simple as a click to indicate who you think is wearing the outfit better. Next, the tallies would appear on your screen where you can see how many people have voted for each person.

This made me think of something. Personally, I am very conscious of the clothing I wear. I try not to follow trends just because they are there but rather wear clothes that suit my style and most importantly my body type.

This exercise of who wore it best actually made me realize that it’s so easy to be caught in the trap of wearing something because it’s in fashion and sometimes it just really doesn’t work.

I am not saying that I don’t ever follow trends, but it is good to sometimes accept defeat, if it’s not meant to be.

Now and then I still go on to Us weekly to vote for who wore it best and every now and then shake my head when an outfit really isn’t working, like some of the examples below.



Brittany Snow and Jamie Chung each wore Ani Lee’s silk orange dress.


Shake It Up’s Thorne and New Girl star Simone both wore Shoshanna’s lace dress.



Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks both wore Mason’s black and blue strapless gown on the red carpet.

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